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The Arizona Semi-Truck Accident Law Firm

Leading Arizona Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer

Find an experienced Arizona semi-truck accident lawyer to represent your lawsuit. Any truck accident has the potential to be serious, but crashes involving semi trucks can be especially dangerous. Semi trucks usually weigh around 80,000 pounds, which is about 20 times the size of the average car or pickup truck. The size difference alone can result in life-threatening or fatal injuries.

Semi trucks are more difficult to maneuver than passenger vehicles and often carry hazardous materials. In addition, truck accident claims are often complex in nature due to the various parties who could be held liable for resulting damages.

If you or a loved one was involved in a truck accident, do not handle such a case on your own. You need a skilled Arizona truck accident lawyer on your side to help you through the claims process. The legal team at Slack-Méndez Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to help you obtain compensation for your injuries. Our truck accident lawyers in Arizona understand the complexity of these cases and will help you get all the money you deserve for your losses.

Truck Accident Statistics

Truck accidents are quite common, and they can result in serious injuries and even death. Here are some statistics to consider:

In 2015, 4,050 large trucks were involved in deadly accidents. This is an 8% increase from 2014, and a 26% increase from its low in 2009. The number of large trucks in injury accidents decreased by 1%, to 87,000. There were 342,000 large trucks involved in property-damage-only accidents.

A total of 53,263 large trucks were involved in injury accidents, and 95,337 in tow-away collisions. 3% of trucks involved in fatal crashes in 2015 were carrying hazardous materials such as gasoline and oil. Most crashes (65%) involved singles, or large trucks pulling single trailers.

Single-vehicle truck crashes, including those that involve bicyclists and pedestrians, made up 20% of all fatal accidents in 2015. The majority of accidents (64%) involved two or more vehicles.


The majority of fatal truck accidents occur on rural roads (60%). Only 25% occur on Interstate highways. 35% of truck accidents in 2015 occurred at night, between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Arizona Truck Accident Liability Issues

Determining liability can be complicated in truck accidents, which is why it is helpful to have an experienced Arizona truck accident lawyer on your side. Usually, one of three parties are responsible for causing a truck accident: the driver, the trucking company or the truck manufacturer. Each of these potentially liable parties has a responsibility to ensure truck safety, and if anyone is negligent, that individual or company may be held responsible for the resulting damage.

Trucking Company Liability

Trucking companies that do not follow specific trucking regulations could be liable for any crashes caused by their negligence. For example, if a company fails to properly train a driver and that driver ends up causing a crash, the company could be held liable for the damages. The same applies if a company fails to properly maintain and inspect their vehicles, resulting in vehicle malfunctions.

Driver Liability

Drivers are also responsible for their actions when operating commercial vehicles. If a driver fails to follow traffic laws, abstain from drugs or alcohol while driving, or take breaks in order to prevent drowsy driving, he or she may be held liable.

Parts or Vehicle Manufacturer Liability

In the event that an accident is caused by some error by the vehicle manufacturer, they may be held responsible for any resulting damage. For example, faulty brakes or a malfunctioning steering system could cause a crash, and the company responsible for the design or manufacturing could be liable.

Seek Help from Our Arizona Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck accident cases can be complicated. Do not try to handle one on your own. For quality customer service, schedule a free consultation with Slack-Méndez Law Firm. If you were injured in a truck crash in Arizona, call 480-829-1166 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to schedule an appointment. We can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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